Trouble Losing Weight? Here’s how to Avoid the Twisted Logic of Obesity, Dieting, and “Food”!

Just about everything we’ve been told about obesity, its cause and cure – is wrong … intentionally!

The weight-loss industry claims we need to eat less. The food industry says we need to move more, and the pharmaceutical people say obesity’s a disease we need to combat with supplements and drugs. And here’s the thing, if you listen to these guys long enough, you’ll faint from going around in circles so many times.

These guys are like the fabled Pied Piper; they’ve got us hypnotically following along, wasting billions of dollars year in and year out on bogus diets, supplements, specialty foods, and any number of weight-loss gimmicks that are spectacularly ineffective. 

If you doubt that for a minute, consider this: in 2021, we spent over $126 billion on weight-loss products and services, and obesity rose a further 3%. The truth is we don’t need a single thing these guys are peddling, and their nearly 100 percent failure rate is all the proof we need.

What’s the actual cause of obesity and overweight?

I can answer that in one word: malnutrition.

Most people today are getting more than 60% of their total calories from fast food, packaged food, and ready-to-eat frozen foods. If that describes your diet, you’re suffering from malnutrition because this stuff has been deliberately stripped of fibre, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients and replaced with fat, sugar, salt, and flavour enhancers designed to drive maximum consumption and long-term addiction.

When we eat high-calorie, nutrient-void foods, we never feel full; instead, we experience nagging hunger. Oh sure, we’re getting lots of calories, but they’re primarily empty, which results in the absurd paradox of being overfed and undernourished.

Our Bodies Don’t Need Calories; they require vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

There’s a concept called  Protein Leverage Hypothesis, which asserts that our biological survival system will drive us to eat until our protein needs are met. So, if what we’re eating has been stripped of protein and other nutrients, we suffer from malnutrition. When a malnourished body senses starvation, it goes into survival mode. It takes emergency measures that you won’t even know about. For example, it will change your hormones and make you ravenously hungry. Then to conserve energy, it will slow your metabolism (sometimes permanently), and that’s just for openers. 

Dieting for Weight Loss is Completely Illogical

Aside from the small percentage of people who are overweight because of biological or genetic reasons, most people’s excess weight directly results from malnutrition – they’re simply not eating enough “food.”

Expecting a malnourished, starving body to freely give up fat – its only source of life – because we want to look good in a bathing suit defies all logic. In the battle between mind and metabolism, metabolism wins every time because if it didn’t, we wouldn’t have survived as a species!

How Can We Lose Excess Fat Without Dieting?

We need to feed our bodies, not starve them. If you doubt that, let me assure you that I know from personal experience, from the people I’ve worked with, from years of research and from the latest gold-standard studies that prove, beyond all doubt, that a properly nourished body will automatically shed excess fat. 

That’s why we need to shift our focus from losing weight to gaining health. Do that, and everything changes. Health is our natural state, and food is the foundation upon which our health is built. (Obesity is NOT a weight issue; it’s a health issue. See, Could you be Obese and not even know it?)

If you’re thinking about dieting or food restriction to lose excess fat, check your premise, it’s probably based on the false assumption that you’ve been eating too much “food” when, in fact, you’ve been suffering malnutrition by eating high-calorie, nutrient-void, non-food; stuff we’re not biologically equipped to consume. 

Since most people are getting most of their calories from this garbage, weight gain, obesity, premature aging, diabetes, fatty liver, dementia, heart disease and on and on  … are the only possible results. 

I never like to present a problem without offering a solution … and this one’s surprisingly easy; before you buy or consume any “food,” ask yourself this simple question: am I getting calories or nutrients? Your answer to that question will determine your weight and health.

Life is about choices. Control is when you make them.