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Trouble Losing Weight? Perhaps You've Been Conditioned to ACCEPT the UNACCEPTABLE!

It took more than 50 years to expose Big Tobacco for what it was doing to our health. Today we’re in another health crisis, only this time it’s worse … much worse!

Are You an "Ounce-of-Prevention" or a "Pound-of-Cure" Kind of Person?

Modern medicine has undoubtedly achieved miraculous results in countless ways, but here’s the irony; modern medicine is also becoming a major threat to public health.

Could You Be Obese and Not Know it?

Millions of people are! In fact, 40 percent of people considered “normal” weight are not only obese, but they’re also dangerously obese! We tend to think that fat is fat, but that’s not so. There’s “good” fat and “bad” fat, and a basic understanding of these two fats can be critical to our long-term health.

The Mastery PROGRAMS



Weight Loss

We humans were never meant to live in our modern world. The hidden drivers of  survival evolved from a world of hunting, gathering and scarcity … which makes losing weight one of the most difficult challenges we face.

To lose weight “permanently” all you need is a slight alteration to your current lifestyle, and here’s the thing; it never involves hunger or willpower.



Fitness & Health

The key to a long, happy life isn’t lifespan it’s health span … there’s no glory in being the oldest person in a long-term care facility.

Our health is on us. We all know regular exercise is critical but it’s so difficult to  stay motivated.

However, millions of people make exercise a part of their life and so can you. In fact with a shift  in perspective it can soon become your favourite time of day.



Managing Information Overload

Do you often feel overwhelmed by the relentless barrage of information and email overload?

People say they want to be carefree and go with the flow, but never are we less free than when we’re living lives of reaction. 

When you learn to control the powerful tools of modern communication, your productivity will rise and your stress levels will drop … dramatically.



Making Decisions

Have you ever made a major decision with total confidence, only to see it turn into a complete disaster? We all have because we’re actually most vulnerable to errors in judgement precisely when our decisional confidence is highest.

The Challenge of Choice will show you how to overcome the hidden cognitive traps so that you can make a “good” decision … when it really matters, every time!