Taking Back Control of Your Life

Life is About Choices

control is when you make them


Life is the sum of our choices.

Of the millions of choices/decisions we make, it’s only a few that really matter; but those are the ones that determine everything.

But how we go about making our most critical decisions is not how you think, and that is why they can go so terribly wrong.

Surprisingly, we can learn to make those crucial decisions with 100% certainty.

Millions of so-called normal-weight people are not only obese, they’re dangerously obese, because obesity is not a weight issue; it’s a health issue.

We are living amid the absurd paradox of being overfed and undernourished, which means at the cellular level – where it really matters – we’re virtually starving!

For our health and the future health of our children, we need to understand this most serious crisis.


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