Can a Product be SO Good that no Retailer Will Carry it? This one IS!!!

If you own a pool, or if you know someone who owns a pool, this is a MUST-watch!

I’m straying from my usual topic of fitness and health because I’m particularly chuffed with myself for finding this product, and I just have to share it with you … “YOU” being either a pool owner or someone who knows a pool owner.

So, I’ll begin with a couple of questions: 

  • Has your pool ever gone green? 
  • Does it frequently or even occasionally smell of chlorine? 
  • Does it cost you more than a couple of hundred dollars to keep your water looking crystal clear over the summer?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions … you need to watch this because I’m going to tell you about a pool product for pool-water maintenance that is nothing short of miraculous.

In fact, this product is so good it’s highly unlikely you’ll find it at any store that sells pool chemicals for the simple reason that if they sold it, their sales for pool chemicals would practically disappear.

For the first 12 years spent between $600 and $800 a year on pool chemicals, and the few times I took a sample of my water in for a test, that number would somehow jump by another $200 to $300 because the water test would invariably find a whole host of issues whether it be a problem with the acid balance or the phosphate or it detected that the water needed a stabilizer or a jug of algaecide or god forbid my water wasn’t properly clarified … whatever the hell that is.

So, after years of self-management and a few cockups of turning it green along the way, I gave the job over to the people who manage pools for a living. Well, that proved to be a mistake. The so-called professionals opened my pool in early May, and by the end of June, they had managed to let it go green no less than three times … and then it got worse: my bill for the chemicals and services rendered for those first seven weeks was an astronomical $750!

When I called to inquire about the bill, it broke down like this: $300 for the services and $450 for chemicals. As they explained it, all those chemicals were necessary because the pool kept going green!

Not surprisingly, that was the end of the professionals, and then, by sheer luck, I stumbled upon the miracle product … Crystal Plus.

I found it online at COSTCO.CA. Incredibly, Crystal Plus had over 800 reviews, and every single review was a full 5 stars.

Crystal Plus costs about $60 per bucket, which proved to be all I need for the entire season … and that’s for a pool that holds about 45,000 gallons.

This is how you use it. Once a week, you pour a scoop into your skimmer, and that’s it. This miracle product takes care of the rest. My pool water is always perfectly clear. I no longer get any algae; the chlorine pucks that I throw in the hopper seem to last forever, and aside from the weekly scoop of Crystal Plus, I throw in two packets of shock once a week, and that’s it.

And here’s the thing: I’ve had a number of people say that my pool is the only one they’ve been in that has no smell of chlorine and that the water feels …  just really clean.

So, that’s the story of how I get and maintain perfectly clear water all season long.

My total cost for all chemicals, etc., is about $200 for the whole season. If there’s such a thing as a miracle product, this is it … and it’s no wonder that you’ll never find it in a store that sells pool chemicals … because, believe me, it would NOT be good for business.

So, if you own a pool, you’ll want this product, and if you know someone who owns a pool … this would be an awesome gift.

Costco only sells it in early spring (here in Canada), but I’m sure you can get it straight from the manufacturer.

Thanks for watching.