For more than 30 years, I have pursued my passion for unravelling the riddle of human behaviours to learn how we can take greater control of the hidden forces that shape our lives.

As an entrepreneur, I’m the creator of the best-selling board game “MindTrap®” and more than 20 other puzzles and games that have sold millions of copies worldwide.

I have experienced both sensational success and colossal failure. However, it’s usually the failures that are life’s greatest teachers, and after enduring a string of them because of horrible decisions – I was determined to discover if there was an identifiable cause of poor choices or if it was merely the result of genetics, circumstances, and maybe just random luck.

Both The Challenge of Choice and OBESITY … it’s NOT what YOU THINK is! are the culmination of years of research to show that simple conscious choices – and how to make them – will largely determine a lifetime of health, happiness, and success. In other words, with a conscious awareness of how our minds really work, we can make our most critical, life-changing decisions with absolute certainty.

I am also an American Council of Exercise certified trainer, Weight Management Specialist and Health and Wellness coach.

Through intense research, practical knowledge and first-hand application, I have discovered how to tap more energy and vitality in my 60s than at any other time in my life. It’s my passion to help you achieve your best results.

My wife Michele and I live in Ontario, Canada and share a mutual passion for health, fitness and food.


Hi, I’m Michele. Food has become my passion.  I love thinking about it, cooking it and eating it! I wasn’t always as passionate about cooking, though. Actually, I rarely cooked at all … until my daughter was born. 

It made me question all of the ready-made foods available. How good are they for you? What’s actually in them? Is my family getting the nutrition they need?  The nutrition they deserve? That’s when I started looking at cooking from a different perspective.  

So, I began introducing more home-cooked meals. I slowly added recipes to my repertoire, and I soon realized that cooking delicious, healthy food for family and friends gave me a huge amount of pleasure and enjoyment. Nothing makes me happier than watching people enjoy good food.

My goal is to get you as passionate about cooking as I am. I want YOU to discover that cooking is not AT ALL intimidating … so I’m going to share some of my favourite “go-to” recipes. They’re easy, have no crazy ingredients, they’re quick to make and healthy.

It’s been said that some people eat to live, and others live to eat. Well, I’m one of those live-to-eat people, so For-The-Love-Of-Food!  join me and discover the pleasure of making and sharing delicious food with the people in your life.