The 29 Days Mastery Programs

Each of these programs represents a life-long behavioural change

Mastering Weight

Weight Loss

Mastering Fitness

Fitness & Health

Managing Information

Managing Information Overload

Achieving Mastery

Have you ever managed to lose weight or start an exercise program and after a period of months, or even weeks, you began to feel fitter, you saw the weight coming off and your clothes started to become gloriously baggy?

You were thrilled with your results. You shared your success with your family and friends, but despite the outward bluster, deep down you knew you’ve been here before and you began to sense that all is not as well as you pretended. Each week the diet got a little harder. You started to miss an exercise class here and there. And then one day you found you were right back where you started.

What happened, what went wrong?

The changes you made (though difficult) were superficial. You see, it doesn’t matter if you sustained your new behaviour for six weeks, or even six months, without truly mastering the mindset of health, wellbeing and an enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle, you will have built your new “habit” on the faulty mortar of willpower, determination, and personal resolve. This mixture will last for a while, but when the inevitable storms of life blow in – and they will – the positive changes that we hastily assembled will quickly dissolve, leaving us scratching our heads in wonder and frustration.

How to Acquire and Maintain a New Habit

The only way to acquire a permanent new habit is through understanding and mastery. If you observe a master craftsman, an accomplished musician or someone highly skilled in any task or discipline, you can’t help but notice that everything is done with absolute certainty and precision. There’s no indecision, no flip-flopping from one idea to another, no hoping that the eventual outcome will work. They simply know exactly when and how they’ll achieve the outcome they desire without conscious thought or effort.

The Simple Rules of Mastery

If there’s one immutable law of human nature, it’s that nothing can be sustained using willpower and teeth-gritted effort.

When it comes to the difficult challenge of behavioral change (losing and maintaining weight-loss, exercising regularly, or adapting a life-long healthy habit), true success can only result from creating a workable, enjoyable, and sustainable lifestyle … that’s mastery.

The 29-Day online, interactive programs will guide you through the labyrinth of change and uncertainty because here’s the thing – knowing, without doing, is really not knowing at all. So along with knowing how to achieve your desired behavioral change, you’ll also begin to enhance your desire to achieve your goal, and that means you’ll follow through … which is precisely what will happen in just 29 days.