DAILY VIDEOS - 29 Days ... to mastering your "ideal" weight

The following videos will give you brief overview of your 29 Day Journey into self-discovery and mastery of your “ideal” weight … for life!


With a slight change in your thinking, you can learn to master your “ideal” weight … permanently, because it’s only through mastery that you’ll learn how to develop a lifestyle that’s not only healthy, but one that you’ll actually enjoy!


a.m. You Can’t Win a War if You Don’t Know Your Enemy

Morning Message: Welcome to the program, you are about to embark on a very exciting journey. In the next four weeks you will be pleasantly surprised at the radical changes in your awareness and how you think about your weight, about eating and physical activity. These new thoughts will lead to a lifetime of mastering your ideal weight without regrets, anxiety or sacrifice. Go ahead, click the “send” button and let’s get started.

p.m. Seven Steps to Tracking and Understanding Your Habits and Behaviours

Evening Message: If you wish to change any of your undesirable habits or behaviors the first step is to become aware of them, which most of us aren’t. Here’s the thing, when you know how to create and install a new behavior or habit of your choosing, permanent change becomes rather easy, in fact it requires almost no effort at all. Click “send” and you’ll see what I mean.


a.m. How Rapid Weight Loss Causes Permanent Weight Gain

Morning Message: Did you know that rapid weight loss will actually lead to weight gain? Let’s see exactly how this happens.

p.m. Don’t Put Your Faith in the Bathroom Scale

Evening Message: In order to achieve your “ideal” weight, don’t put too much faith in the bathroom scale. In fact, there’s another measurement that’s far more important. Let’s see what it is and why it’s a critical key to your success.  


a.m. The Brake Peddle and Gas Peddle of Appetite

Morning Message: Did you know that there are two hormones that are largely responsible for controlling feelings of hunger and satiety? Therefore a key to mastering your ideal weight is to understand how you can control them.  Click “send” and you’ll see “how” and “why”. 

p.m. Why Do Most Weight-Loss Attempts Fail?

Evening Message When it comes to losing weight … and keeping it off, almost everyone fails. However, if you can learn to do this one thing, you will succeed.


a.m. Making Sense of Calories

Morning Message: Congratulations on staying the course. You’re doing great. In order to lose weight there is only ONE THING you absolutely must do. Click “send” and you’ll see what that is. 

p.m. Can I Blame My Weight-Battle on Fructose and High Fructose Corn Syrup?

Evening Message: Mastering your “ideal” weight is both a physical and mental process … but mostly mental. So that raises a question; do you know what your personal “dieting beliefs” really are? Click “send” and let’s find out!


a.m. The Pros and Cons of the World’s Most Popular Diets (part one)

Morning Message: When it comes to diets and promises of “quick” and “easy” weight loss, the imagination knows no bounds. The world’s most popular diets run the gamut from realistic to completely crazy. Click “send” and let’s take a look at some pros and cons. 

p.m. A Brief Look as the Most Popular Weight-Loss Myths

Evening Message: Tonight we’re going to take a look at a number of the more popular urban myths and “secrets” to weight loss, and as you’ll see, we will continually arrive at the same irrefutable conclusion. Hit the “send” button and let’s see what it is. 


a.m. The Pros and Cons of the World’s Most Popular Diets (part two)

Morning Message: As you know, a weight-loss diet is, by definition, merely a way to create a calorie deficit in which you burn more energy than you consume.  Now, if you want to create your calorie deficit by using some of the suggestions from the most popular diets, that’s perfectly fine. If none of these diets appeal to you, for whatever reason, that’s okay too. Click “send” and let’s continue with our review of the world’s most popular diets. 

p.m. The “Infamous” Twinkie Diet

Evening Message: Since we’re on the topic of diets, for tonight’s message we’re going to look at what can easily be described as the world’s craziest and most astonishing diet. Click “send” to see if you don’t agree!


a.m. Intermittent Fasting … Will It Work for You?

Morning Message: Today we’re going to look at one of the most important practices anyone can undertake for long-term health, fitness and weight loss … in fact, it may just be the most important information you’ll ever come across when it comes to achieving mastery in health, fitness and weight.

p.m. Common Questions and Myths About Fasting

Evening Message: As you have seen from today’s message, intermittent fasting is definitely worth examining, and if you can adopt some form of it, the health benefits are nothing short of life changing. The fascinating topic of intermittent fasting naturally raises questions, so hit the “send” button and let’s answer some of the most common questions and concerns.


a.m. Figuring Out Your Daily Calorie Maintenance Level

Morning Message: In order to master your ideal weight, you’ll need to know two things: 1. Your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), or to put it another way, the number of calories you burn each day, and 2. Your true weight loss goals … which may be quite different than what you presently think they are.  Click “send” and let’s get started. 

p.m. Overcoming Our Natural Resistance to Change

Evening Message: Have you considered how you’ll handle the negative effects of losing weight? What?!!! How could there be any negative effects right? Not necessarily. Hit the “send” button and let’s take a closer look. 


a.m. Option Number One: Reduce Calorie Intake

Morning Message: When it comes to losing weight you have three options to choose from. Hit the “send” button to see which one might be “best” for you. 

p.m. My “3” Simple Rules for Overcoming the B.S. of Health, Fitness & Weight Loss

Evening Message: Have you ever wondered why there are so many “credentialed” and yet contradictory opinions about the “proper” way to lose weight? Hit the “send” button and let’s see why a “relatively” straightforward concept can be so hopelessly confusing. 


a.m. What are Macronutrients?

Morning Message: Do you know the key role that proteins can play in both your over-all health and in your quest to lose fat? Hit “send” and let’s see how!

p.m. Activating Your Subconscious Mind to Achieve Your Goals

Evening Message: Tonight we’re going to look at a powerful mental tool that you constantly engage to help you get what you want. The question is … are you using it as well as you could and should? Click “send” and let’s see if you are.


a.m. Does Eating Fat Make You Fat?

Morning Message: Yesterday morning we looked at protein. The next macronutrient we’re going to look at is FAT. Should you eat fat? Avoid it altogether? Eat some fats and avoid others? Click the “send” button for some answers to these important questions. 

p.m. For Optimum Health … Eat Yourself!

Evening Message: For tonight’s message we’re going to look at “fat-free” foods. Should you eat them? Avoid them entirely? Are the fat-free packaging claims misleading? Hit “send” and let’s take a look. 


a.m. Carbohydrates: The Misunderstood Macronutrient

Morning Message: Today we’re going to unravel the most controversial and the most misunderstood macronutrient? Can you guess which one it is? Hit “send” and let’s see if you’re right? 

p.m. Portion Distortion: The Hidden Weight-Gain Culprit

Evening Message: Do you know how to read and “interpret” food labels? Would you be surprised to know that you can’t always believe what they say? Press the “send” button and let’s take a look at this important topic. 


a.m. All Calories are NOT Created Equal!

Morning Message: Even though a calorie is a calorie, not all calories are created equal. In fact, you should do whatever you can to avoid certain ones. Click “send” and let’s see which ones you want to avoid and why. 

p.m. Understanding the Miracle Drink: Water

Evening Message: Did you know that recent studies have found a particular beverage to be nothing short of a metabolism-boosting, appetite-suppressing miracle? Can you guess what it is?Click the “send” button and let’s see exactly why it’s such miraculous drink! 


a.m. Putting Your Weight Loss/Gain Lifestyle Together

Morning Message: Tomorrow is the first day of action …, which means it’s time to put together a plan that’s just right for you. Hit “send” and let’s get to it.

p.m. Creating A Healthy LIFESTYLE is the Key to Mastery

Evening Message You did it! You’ve made it to the halfway point! You’re now totally ready to begin taking action tomorrow morning … but just before we go there, let’s take one last look at the Pros and Cons of Changing and Not Changing your lifestyle. Click “send” and let’s consider some final thoughts before tomorrow. 


a.m. Making Physical Activity an Enjoyable Part of Your Lifestyle

Morning Message: Did you know that you can make physical activity and getting fit a regular part of your day without breaking a sweat or upsetting your daily schedule in any way? Click the “send” button and I’ll show you how!  

p.m. The Single Biggest Mistake Most “Dieters” Make

Evening Message: Tonight we’re going to address two vitally important topics: 1. The single biggest mistake most “dieters” make, and, 2. The one thing that will determine your success or failure! Click “send” and let’s see what they are.


a.m. What is Aerobic Exercise?

Morning Message: Welcome to Day 16.  What is aerobic exercise? Do you need it? If so, how much and “what” is best for you? Click “send” and let’s check out the answers to these questions.

p.m. The Psychological Pitfalls of Human Behaviour and Goal Achievement

Evening Message: You’re doing great. You’ve already completed your second day of action.  Did you know that there are three “all powerful” psychological pitfalls that directly influence human behavior? In fact, they can actually prevent you from achieving your goals … if you’re not aware of them that is.  Click the “send” button to make sure that you can learn to recognize, and then overcome, these insidious pitfalls.


a.m. Understanding Anaerobic Exercise

Morning Message: Welcome back. Today we’re going to look at the other “half” of exercise … anaerobic exercise.  What is it? Do you need it? If so, what kind is necessary? What influence does it have on fat … short term and long term? Do you know the three major benefits of anaerobic fitness?  Click “send” and let’s find out.

p.m. What You Do “Today” is ALL That Matters

Evening Message: Welcome back. Your subconscious mind can be a minefield of rationalizations, short-term thinking and insatiable urges for immediate gratification that can derail even the most determined goal-setter. However, if you can remember this one key point, you’ll easily overpower these all-too-common obstacles. Click “send” and let’s take a look.


a.m. Are You an Intuitive Eater?

Morning Message: Did you know that you could be described as either an “Intuitive Eater” or a “Willpower-Driven Eater”? Do you know which one you are? You should because they can each play a major role in your success or failure to reach your health and weight goals. Click “send” and let’s see which type of eater you are and how you can learn to influence which one you ultimately become.

p.m. How Long Does It Take to Form a Habit?

Evening Message: Tonight we’re going look at habits. How they’re created, how they’re broken, and how can you willfully create habits that you desire.  Hit “send” and let’s get started. 


a.m. The Shocking Truth About Weight-Loss and Why You Need to Know!

Morning Message: Today we’re going to look at “short-cuts” to weight loss. Can diet pills and supplements help you to reduce your weight? Are there any really useful, safe and healthy products available? How can you tell the difference between a helpful product and hype? Click “send” and let’s take a look.

p.m. How to Break an Undesirable Habit

Evening Message: Tonight we’re going to look at a surprisingly simple but effect technique to break an unwanted “eating” habit. Click “send” and I’ll show you how.


a.m. Whatever You Do, Don’t Go on a Diet!

Morning Message: According to the National Weight Control Registry, over 10,000 formerly overweight people managed to lose their excess weight and keep it off for good.  Today we’re going to look at some of the habits and lifestyle choices that they credit for their success. Click “send” and let’s see what they are.

p.m. How Our Senses Drive Our Appetite

Evening Message: I doubt it would be much of a surprise if I told you that your senses drive much of your appetite, but what you may find surprising is that the sense of taste can play a much smaller role than one may think. In fact, if you can control your other senses you can take much greater control of your eating habits and of course increase your level of satiety with fewer calories.   Click “send” and let’s see how.


a.m. From the Bottom Out … Do Detox Diets, Purgers, and Colon Cleanses Help or Hinder?

Morning Message: Today we’re going to  take a look at the world of detox and see if it’s something we should consider to improve our health … or is this just another case of selling a disease and then offering a bogus cure. 

p.m. When It Comes to Your Health, Your “Second” Brain is as Important as Your First!

Evening Message: Did you know that you have a second brain? And what’s more, when it comes to your health and weight, it may be just as important as your first! Click “send” and you’ll see what I mean!


a.m. Food, Stress and the Paradox of Modern Humankind

Morning Message: Congratulations, you’re on the last leg of building an unshakeable mental foundation and a permanent lifestyle.  At this point you know what you have to do physically to achieve your weight and health goals, but the real key to lifelong success is mastering the mental side, so that’s going to be our focus for the next eight days. If you’re ready, click “send” and let’s get to it.

p.m. Unhappy with Your Weight? … Then Stop STRESSING About It!

Evening Message: Tonight we’re going to answer a number of questions about stress, and the role it plays in your weight and health. For example; What is stress? How does it affect your weight and health? Is stress ever helpful? When is it particularly detrimental? How does it affect your appetite? How does “chronic stress” verses “acute stress” affect your weight and health?  Click “send” and let’s answer these important questions.


a.m. Uncovering the True Cause of Emotional Eating

Morning Message: I think you’re going to love today’s message because it’s going to address one of life’s great riddles … which is this: why do we often do some of the things we do even when we absolutely know we shouldn’t do them? Okay, let’s just see how this crazy behavior happens and what you can do about it to make sure it doesn’t happen to you in the future.

Evening Message: Your body is made up of both “good” fat and “bad” fat? Some of us have much more of one than the other. Do you know what kind your body tends to accumulate? Can you influence it?  Click “send” and let’s look at the roles that “good” fat and “bad” fat plays in your health and weight.


a.m. Does Your Ego Determine Your Feelings of Hunger and Satiety?

Morning Message: Does your ego determine how hungry – or how full – you feel after eating? Does it play a major role in determining your weight and health? Our goal this week to understand the underlying thoughts, habits and beliefs that drive our behavior, because the more you know about yourself the easier it will be to install habits and behaviors of your own design. In today’s message, we’re going to see how ego can influence our behavior … especially when it comes to eating.

p.m. Cheat Meals and “Oh, What the Hell!”

Evening Message: Tonight’s topic is all about “cheat meals” and “Oh what the hell!” Do you know how “cheat meals” can help you achieve your ideal weight? Click “send” and let’s see exactly how you can “cheat” to achieve your health and weight goals.


a.m. To Avoid Feeling Hungry, Learn How to Think About It!

Morning Message: How do you normally respond to hunger or food cravings? Do you tend to give in? Do you try to resist your hunger or cravings with willpower? You may be surprised to know that if you learn how to welcome these feelings they’ll not only go away, but they’ll stay away for good! Click “send” and I’ll show you a way to do it!

p.m. Do You Know Your Dieting Beliefs?

Evening Message: Welcome back. Do you remember taking the Dieting Beliefs quiz on Day Four? Well tonight we’re going to revisit that quiz to see “if” and “how much” your beliefs may have changed. Click “send” and let’s get started.


a.m. Are You Guilty of Eating a 50-Pound Cookie?

Morning Message: Are you guilty of eating a 50-pound cookie? Contrary to what many people believe, being overweight is seldom a result of gluttony, or out-of-control eating. Overweight people are often guilty of adding just a few extra calories here and there and the thing is they’re not even remotely aware of this slight caloric surplus. In other words obesity’s the result of the accumulation of small, unnoticed habits that gradually add a few extra ounces here and there. In fact, small, unnoticed habits are the focus of today’s topic and perhaps “thee” singular cause behind the dramatic jump in world-wide obesity rates.

p.m. What is Success? How Do We Define It?

Evening Message: Throughout this program we’ve continually stressed that your success in mastering, and then maintaining your “ideal” weight, wasn’t going to happen if you relied on traditional methods such as diets, willpower, and determination. Lasting success will only result from making small, sustainable and enjoyable changes to your lifestyle. As you gain mastery over your emotional, instant gratification self, you’re going to acquire the wonderful feeling of self-control. When you automatically choose your long-term desires over short-term instant gratification, you will have complete mastery over your health, weight and lifestyle.


a.m. Do You Know the True Drivers Behind Your Habits and Behaviors?

Morning Message: Since the beginning of this program, we’ve looked at a wide variety of positive steps toward mastering your “ideal” weight. We’ve stressed the importance of small, deliberate changes that work into a lifestyle that’s enjoyable and purposeful. Today we’re going to take a quick look at how noticing and defining a simple habit resulted in a complete transformation of one woman’s body composition. Then we’re going to take a look at sleep, and how it effects not just our weight, but our entire experience of life.

p.m. If You Can Do This … Mastering Your “Ideal” Weight is Easy

Evening Message: Welcome back. You may be happy to know that if you can do this one thing, then mastering your ideal weight for life will be not only simple, but it’ll be easy.  Click “send” and let’s see what it is you’ll need to do.


a.m. If You Could Choose Health, Wealth and Happiness … Would You?

Morning Message: Way to go, you made it to day twenty-eight! For today’s message we’re going to ask, and then answer a critically important question:  Can you live a truly enjoyable lifestyle and still achieve your ideal weight and health at the same time? You’ll be happy to know that the answer is a resounding yes! Good health and happiness are not mutually exclusive, in fact, they go hand-in-hand.  Click “send” and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

p.m. Should You Consider a Ketogenic Diet? I Suggest NOT, and Here’s Why!

Evening Message: Congratulations, you’ve fully completed all four weeks. Click “send” and let’s look at everything you’ve accomplished.


a.m. Perhaps You Shouldn’t Set Goals After All!

Morning Message: Way to go! You made it! Throughout this program we’ve talked about the importance of setting goals. But today we’re going to flip the goals thing completely around and say that maybe you shouldn’t set goals after all. In fact, setting goals may actually prevent you from living your life at your “ideal” weight. Click “send” and I’ll explain!

p.m. Living By Intention

Evening Message: Welcome back. You have travelled far indeed.These last twenty-nine days will have made an indelible impact on your thoughts, behaviors and beliefs for the rest of your life. The changes that you have made and the success you are creating is all because of you. So take full credit you should be very proud of yourself. Undoubtedly you now realize that you have the power to change anything in your life and you absolutely know that those changes will always begin with a change in how you think. I want to sincerely thank you for taking this program, and for making such a positive change in your life.